BoatNow's sailing tips

BoatNow's tips for a fantastic sailing trip

Sailing the Amsterdam canals is a great outing. Tripadvisor rated such a trip 'the best activity in the world'. You can start your trip by boarding a traditional canal cruise boat where you buy a ticket and spend an hour with a large number of other passengers along the standard highlights and listening to a standard tape. For relatively little money you can quickly get an impression of what the Amsterdam canals have to offer. Another possibility is to rent a boat yourself. In the last 10 years, a number of companies have started renting out small electric boats that can accommodate up to 12 people. This can be done at Boaty, for example. Are you well known in Amsterdam and are you an experienced skipper that is certainly recommended, but if not, then you may miss the most beautiful spots and you come on the sometimes crowded canals in trouble. You will be a nuisance to the other boats or the local residents or you will have trouble finding the right route (back). 

A third possibility is to rent a boat with skipper via BoatNow. Such a private cruise, with a snack, a drink and with an experienced skipper provides the ultimate Amsterdam canals experience. You and your company will get an explanation of what can be seen in the immediate vicinity and you will also learn something about the history of Amsterdam, sometimes spiced up by personal stories of someone who has been sailing on the canals for years. And all this without having to worry about giving way or not speeding along the houseboats. 

Of course you pay more than when you buy a ticket for a standard canal cruise, but as soon as you sail with a larger group (more than 10) the prices become competitive.

We have dozens of sloops and salon boats available for every occasion or composition of your group. Popular boats on our website are for example the Nomag, the Majestic, the Boozer, the Nassauen de Havana. Popular saloon boats are for example the Sarah, the Marjet or the larger Belle van Zuijlen. You can also request extra products from us, including a delicious lunch, extensive dinners, barbecues and more! View our lunch and dinner packages here.

BoatNow: reserving the ideal boat with a few simple clicks

BoatNow is an innovative and independent online platform where you can book private tours in Amsterdam. Via a specially developed mobile application or via the website you can rent a boat for any occasion and that fits your needs exactly.

 The BoatNow app available for iOS & Android devices ensures that you can complete the entire booking process with just a few clicks. After downloading the app, choose your preferred pickup location and the type of boat. Within 60 minutes you can then enjoy the Amsterdam canals and everything else that makes this city so special.

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Most of the Amsterdam shipping companies are connected to us with a total of more than 110 boats. This means that we have boats suitable for a fun day out with friends and family or romantic trips for smaller groups, but also larger boats for company outings, bachelor parties and weddings.

Are you sure you want to go sailing yourself?

The municipality of Amsterdam also understands that it is fun to sail through the city. "Enjoy the boat trip and our beautiful city, but always keep in mind residents and other visitors", says Wouter Keuning, spokesman of the municipality.  He says that many people really have no idea about the sailing rules and that most of the fines they pay are for noise nuisance. 

Read on for useful sailing tips if you choose to sail yourself.

BoatNow sailing tips

  1.  It is forbidden to drive a boat after drinking any alcohol
  2.  Destination traffic such as large round-trip vessels and other large vessels have priority.
  3.  It is forbidden to moor in places where others may be disturbed. Think for example of houseboats and bridges.
  4. On some waterways, including the Prinsengracht, there is one-way traffic. If you see a white-red and white sign, you are not allowed to enter this canal.
  5. The maximum speed is 6 km per hour, with the exception of the Amstelroute, the Kostverlorenroute and the IJ.
  6. When it gets dark, you're obliged to sail with boat lights.
  7.  Do not use stakes or bollards for mooring.
  8.  Reduce noise nuisance for residents and others who want to enjoy themselves on the water