"Stella Maris"

Big boat

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The Stella Maris is a historic but fully modernized 32-person trawler. The practical interior is cozy and warm.

Sailing on board the Stella Maris is a special experience. It is an atmospheric treadmill with dimmable indoor lighting. The music system can be operated with your own phone. You can, if you want, decide the route or ask your private skipper to sail past the city's highlights. In every season the ideal boat.

With nice weather the sides of the salon can be rolled up. The roof is easy to roll up in a few minutes from the 32-speed boat. You will have a fully open boat at your disposal. If it gets colder then the heater can turn on. This allows you to enjoy all seasons.

Ideal night out
The Stella Maris has folding tables and is therefore ideal for an evening out. With the tables folded you can enjoy a delicious sit-down dinner for 25 people. After dinner, the tables can be folded back and the Stella Maris has been transformed into the ideal boat for a drink until late hours.

Do you want to bring your own food or drink on board? That's possible, you will pay € 50 cleaning fee.


Max 32 people
€ 180 per hour
Has a roof
Toilet on board
Boat is electric
Music available
Heater on board
Open back deck
Catering possible
Corkage rate € 50.00
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