Big boat Jacob van Lennep

The “trekschuit” can be roughly translated as a “horse-drawn barge,” and is one of the most interesting types of boats in Dutch history. Jacob van Lennep is a truly unique boat!

The “trekschuit” can be roughly translated as a “horse-drawn barge,” and is one of the most interesting types of boats in Dutch history. Originally these boats had no engine and were moved forward by using an ingenious system of poles, ropes and horses walking along riverside paths to pull the boat forward. This became a sophisticated system with various schedules and routes transporting people and goods throughout the Netherlands and was partly responsible for the late introduction of the railway system, which replaced it.

The Hildebrand and the Jacob van Lennep, both named after famous Dutch writers, have been completely refitted to accommodate a comfortable cruise on the canals of Amsterdam. And, although the horses have been replaced with environmentally friendly electric motors, you can still see traces of a former era. At the bow you’ll see the collapsible wooden masts to which the ropes that pulled the barge were attached.

These historic barges are a great way to experience the canals in an original way. The roof can be opened up, weather permitting, and both have a rear deck which is perfect for sitting back and enjoying the sights. Along with standing room inside and a cozy bar, these boats are ideal for a private party with friends or a networking happy hour with colleagues and associates. And for the ultimate experience we can definitely recommend an evening dinner cruise through enchanting Amsterdam.


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239.00 per hour (inc. VAT)
Has a roof
Toilet on board
Boat is electric
Music available
Heater on board
Open back deck
Catering possible

Additional Products (optional)

Luxurious lunch
Bitterballen (typical Dutch snack) 8pcs

Max. people

Transfer 40
When having drinks 32
When having a buffet 28
When having dinner 24


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