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Tugboat Hildebrand is a beautiful classic tugboat from 1888. When you rent this boat, you revive the old times.

The Hildebrand is the bigger sister of the 40 passenger Jacob van Lennep, also available through BoatNow. The spacious interior makes this boat the perfect solution if you are looking for a reasonably priced boat that can navigate through the Amsterdam canals with a HUGE party. For drinks or a reception, this boat has a maximum capacity of 50 passengers. If you prefer a buffet on board, we recommend a maximum capacity of 40 passengers. For a seated dinner party, we work on a maximum of 30 passengers. There is a large quarter-deck from where you can enjoy all the sights Amsterdam has to offer from the water-side. During good weather, the entire side of the boat can be opened. With inclement weather, the boat is closed off, and you can enjoy the pleasant heating inside. As it has a toilet, an international bar and a sound system in place, it can certainly be called a very comprehensive boat.


Max 60 people
€ 265 per hour
Has a roof
Toilet on board
Boat is electric
Music available
Heater on board
Open back deck
Catering possible
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