Big boat Wilhelmus

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Tugboat Wilhelmus is a classic tugboat with an impressive helm and a captain who manoeuvres the boat through the canals from the quarter-deck!

This alone already makes cruising on the Wilhelmus an adventure. With the Wilhelmus it is possible to cruise the Amsterdam canals with large groups (up to 60 passengers). The interior is an interesting mix between a typical Amsterdam café combined with a classic look and feel. You have a unique view of Amsterdam and the impressive canals through its many windows. Apart from its extremely spacious salon, the Wilhelmus has a spacious balcony offering space for 25 passengers. The boat is equipped with a sound system with microphone, a well-stocked bar, central heating, a toilet and a cloakroom. On sunny days, the entire boat can be opened and you can enjoy a sunny cruise through Amsterdam.

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  • Largest selection of boats in Amsterdam
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Max 60 people
€ 265 per hour (inc. VAT)
Has a roof
Toilet on board
Boat is electric
Music available
Heater on board
Open back deck
Catering possible