Saloon boat

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The Swaen is a classic saloon boat, built in 1909 for a wealthy dentist in Leeuwarden.

Boat020 - Private Boat Rental Amsterdam. The owner has spared no effort to make a jewel of the saloon boat such as a teak-shaped structure and interior. Over the years, The Swan has kept her elegance; Time has not taken hold of her. A picture to see and to sail with! The saloon boat Swaen is a beautifully restored boat with a luxurious interior. Ideal if you want to dine with a small company, meet or just enjoy the view of the water. Sailboat This saloon boat can be used on Amsterdam canals and surroundings,


Max 30 people
€ 302 per hour
Has a roof
Toilet on board
Boat is electric
Music available
Heater on board
Open back deck
Catering possible
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