Romantic Boat Anne Bonney

Enjoy the Amsterdam canals during summer days on this unique boat. You’ll stand out in the city. Tough and adventurous.

Enjoy the Amsterdam canals during summer days on this unique boat.

The Anne Bonney was designed as a Rum-runner like William McCoy hackercraft, with mahoney wooden deck and chrome backlight. These boats were used to smuggle rum over the sea during the reclamation in the USA. Tough and adventurous. Now you can safely enjoy a snack and drink on board of the Anne Bonney…

Pleasant to cruise the canals, You’ll stand out in the city. When we are outside the city center you'll experience that although the Anne Bonny sails electrically she still has her fiery character! We can take you quickly and in style to the Tsar Peter House in Zaandam, the historic harbour town of Marken or see the countryside following the Amstel River.

The Anne Bonney can accommodate up to 4 people and is equipped with a champagne cooler, toilet and a music installation. We can provide some delicious (sparkling) wines and tasty appetizers to make the boat tour even more pleasant!

minimum sailing time: 1.5 hours


  • Largest selection of boats in Amsterdam
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Including captain
  • Free boarding in the centre of Amsterdam
  • You will receive a free quote within 24 hours


263.00 per hour (inc. VAT)
Open deck
Corkage rate € 25.00

Additional Products (optional)

Bring my own drinks (Possibly at extra costs)
Laurent-Perrier champagne brut

Max. people

In total 3
Seats 3
When having drinks 3


Other alternatives

Rent a boat € 263.00

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