Open boat Geertje

100% electric boat, sustainable design and special attention for local and biological bites and drinks.

This means that we will do everything to arrange this trip just the way you like it. Pure Boats are classy and sustainable. While you are relaxing and having a great time on one of our boats you will contribute to a healthier and better world. We work together with local companies in Amsterdam. Our spacious and high end sloop has a max. capacity for 12 guests. Including knowledgeable and fun captain, who will show you the (hidden) gems of Amsterdams 17th century canals. Enjoy the well stocked on board bar, which is filled with local beers, wines, sodas and liquors. Of course we also offer possibilities for (biological) catering. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery! With the silent 100% electric engine, there is no noise disturbance. Even the weather is not a bother with our custom made pop up canopy!


  • Largest selection of boats in Amsterdam
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Including captain
  • Free boarding in the centre of Amsterdam
  • You will receive a free quote within 24 hours


170.00 per hour (inc. VAT)
Open deck

Additional Products (optional)

Unlimited Drinks (beer, wine & soda)
Bring my own drinks (Possibly at extra costs)
Silent Disco
Hot snacks
Bbq (2 uur) minimaal 12 personen

Max. people

In total 8
Seats 12
When having drinks 10
When having a buffet 8
When having dinner 7


Rent a boat € 170.00

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