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The Nassau is our spaciously built and full featured sloop.

It has enough space to sit back while watching the canals go by, but can nicely accommodate standing guests as well. On board we offer a fully-fledged toilet, and even electrical outlets. And in case the weather lets us down, your cruise can be partly or fully covered by the detachable roof. This ship is perfect for your business event, wedding, birthday or just a friendly gathering. The first two hours are €185.- per hour, subsequent hours are €160.-

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  • Largest selection of boats in Amsterdam
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  • Including captain
  • Free boarding in the centre of Amsterdam
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  • 100% electric boat
Max 40 people
€ 185 per hour
Has a roof
Toilet on board
Boat is electric
Music available
Heater on board
Open back deck
Catering possible
Corkage rate € 0.00
All inclusive drinks € 7.00 pp / hour

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