General FAQ

  • What is BoatNow?

    BoatNow is an independent platform where you can rent a boat. We have the largest selection of boats available always with the lowest price guaranteed. If you download the app you can even be on the water within an hour. With more then 150 different pick-up location throughout the city there will always be a boat available for you.

  • What is a free request?

    Like it says, a request for a boat totally free of charge. You let us know which boat, how many people and at which date and we will check the availability. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • What is the difference between Boat Now and Boat Later in the app?

    With Boat Now we guarantee you to step aboard a boat in under 60 minutes from now. With Boat Later you can be assured of the availability of your favourite boat well in advance.

  • What if no boats are around on the app?

    We’ll still contact you by phone to see how we can help you out. Perhaps there is a boat available a few tram stops away!

  • Are all boats always available?

    We have unique tools to determine whether or not a particular boat is available. Send us a Free Request and we’ll let you know.