Experience SAIL 2020 with BoatNow!

SAIL Amsterdam 2020 will take place from the 12th of August until the 16th of August 2020, it's less than a year away! Nowis the time to book you tickets to be on the front rows of this fantastic event ! SAIL is, with the international Tall Ships as decor, the largest and one of the most populair public event of the Netherlands! We prepared several packages so you will find what you are looking for.

Welcome to the Tallships package is only on the 12th of August from 13h to 16h30

  • Coffee Cruise: Every day from 9h to 11h
  • Lunch Cruise : Every day from 12h to 15h
  • Bubble Cruise: Every day from 16h30 to 19h
  • Firework Cruise : Every day from 20h30 to 23h30
  • Every one of our package include a captain.

Please do note that if you want to go in the Ijhaven the Sail organization charges 55€ p.p that we have not included here