Rent a boat in Amsterdam (Covid-19)

We are open for booking, but we operate with caution

Starting from 25th of September it is allowed to sail through the Amsterdam canals again without any limitations for people that have been vaccinated or have been tested negatively.

- Largest open boat has space for up to 60 persons: Open boat

- Largest classic boat has space for up to 100 persons: Classic boat

- Largest 'big' boat has space for up to 500 persons: Big boat

Measures Covid-19

  • There is always a disinfectant hand gel available for guests
  • Bookings are made by reservation through our website
  • All boats are cleaned according to the regulations (tables, armrests, seats and bar).
  • You will be assigned a place by our staff
  • No hands are shaken when getting on and off
  • You may only come on board if you are healthy and free from fever, (mild) flu or cold complaints

2) Boats suitable for larger groups:

A large boat with enough space and therefore 1.5 meters can be guaranteed. (Maximum of 32 people)