Experience the Light Festival from the water

Starting November 29 and lasting until January 20, the Light festival will be taking place again. This seventh edition contains work from artists, designers and architects from the Netherlands and abroad, taking you on a journey along 30 light artworks. BoatNow offers the opportunity to enjoy private tours including a guide who can tell you all about the beautiful art pieces. This will result in an experience that you will never forget and will make a lasting impression on friends and colleagues.   

Due to the weather conditions we recommend to book a Saloon boat. These are luxurious, comfortable and covered boats with beautiful interior and large windows. These are excellent options to experience the art pieces from up close. We can also arrange a nice private-dinner during the tour.

For smaller parties we recommend the Britannia, the Zonneboot, the Admiraal Heijn, or the Marjet. If you belong to a larger party, we advise the Mona Lisa, the Griffioen, the Nassau or the Roos. We are more than happy to assist you with your decision making. Please send an e-mail to info@boatnow.com or leave a message in the chat-system.